Our Agile Way

See how we use agile methodology to transform our company
We are at a time when our economy is surrounded by uncertainty. Therefore, we at Hprojekt took advantage of this period to reflect on our work model and how we could improve it. With this, we have been able to apply internally much of what has been learned by our team worldwide in recent years. We went from Hanzou to Silicon Valley, passing through Israel and all the most innovative hubs to learn and teach the most innovative in the recruitment market.
When we talk about processes, the cascade model is traditionally used, characterized as old-fashioned and very regulated that prevents co-creation, agility in the design and delivery of the product. For this reason, our team adhered to the agile method. We will talk a little more about the text.

The agile methodology is a framework that provided us with 3 fundamental characteristics in the current selection market:

The innovation to bring responsive and current methods to our customers.

The speed to deliver in real time and updated with the market.

Exponential production enabling efficiency without compromising quality.

The big secret for applying correctly was, internally, in the review of two pillars of our organization: Product and Organization Chart. Below we explain a little about the result of this process.

We know that the consulting market needs to be constantly evolving and in line with the expectations of its clients. Based on this, we created two solutions in recruitment and selection, being:

Fast Hiring: Taking advantage of the expertise of our employees and the continuous mapping in some areas, we are able to quickly and efficiently deliver the right professional for the chair. Through a shortlist of a market already mapped and validated, we present the best possibility for the occasion. Below our process:

Complete Hiring: A job does not only impact the employee's life, but his family and all the companies involved, we know how costly and difficult it is to make a decision of this magnitude. For these moments, we understand that information is often necessary. Know how the market is doing, whether or not it is time to move that professional or vacate that chair. Thus came Complete Hiring, a complete analysis of the scenario, competition, profile and market of that candidate profile, providing the HR professional with information and names so that the decision can be based on data and aligned with the reality of the company.

Through the agile methodology, we were able to understand and streamline the role of each gear within Talent Acquisition. Creating a four quadrants organization chart (PO, PMO, Key Account and Consultants), aligning a strong culture and strategic HR.

Much more than letters, each chair has its fundamental role in the journey of the client and the candidate, for example:

PO (Project Owner): It is the focal point of each project ensuring quality of delivery through technical knowledge and transparent relationship with the customer.

PMO (Project Management Office): Designs the entire scope of the project with the PO, measures availability of consultants and monitors results. All of this through data.

Key Account: Develops commercial relationship with the customer, translating the real need of the business / market and always in search of offering the appropriate solution.

Consultants: It is the first contact with the candidate, performs all technical and behavioral validation in addition to ensuring the engagement of the candidate in the selection process. It reports to different POs depending on the projects it is conducting.

Applying the agile method (Scrum, specifically), we were able to bring efficiency and assertiveness to this process. 

Customers relate directly to Key Accounts and POs. Aligning terms and expectations, through accounts managing the technical and contractual part of the business, and the POs observing the sensitive points and specific expectations to be achieved

Candidates undergo 2 screenings;

Contact with the specialized consultant, who focuses on finding the candidate with technical and cultural specifications, thus aligning the fit with the company.
Contact with the PO that evaluates and validates the candidate according to the specific characteristics that the client needs.

This entire system is monitored by a PMO, which, through information provided by data obtained through a CRM (Client Relationship Management), selects the right people for the right tasks, thus increasing the efficiency of each project.

This model allowed us not only to grow exponentially, but also to understand the specifics of each demand.

The application of the agile methodology allowed us to:
- Innovation in creating the best solution with our customers, within our products;
- The speed in making a fast and efficient delivery;
- Exponential production, allowing to create more and better, based on data and without compromising the quality of our processes;
- Greater interaction between people and teams, as we seek to strictly follow the method's ceremonies, as well as daily, planning, retrospective and review meetings.
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