The advantages of hiring Brazilian IT professionals in the age of the anywhere office

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When it comes to talent sourcing in IT, Brazil is the new “Promised Land” for companies. The Brazilian tech talent pool comes with a different pack of technology workers: besides all the coding and computational thinking skills, These employees come packed with a set of creative skills that is a total boost to any position.

But Brazil is not only the new oasis for outsourced IT services – calling it only that would mean taking for granted the huge possibilities offered by the Brazilian workers in a market that can be considered a crib of game-changing talents for the tech area.

These professionals are spiced with innovation driven by necessity. We all know that necessity is the mother of invention, and invention is the sister of innovation.

The last ten years defined the Brazilian market as an important player, more than just an outsourcing provider.  

The perfect momentum to hire a Brazilian professional
With a significantly devalued currency in Brazil, hiring Brazilian professionals compensated in the Real (Brazilian currency) is a great deal, with a very advantageous exchange rate that allows these professionals to cost up to 80% less than their American or European counterparts, which can lead to an expressive reduction in yearly costs.

All of this can be accomplished through a very simple hiring process, no hassle, no headache and no high costs. This is a perfect scenario for emerging businesses or start-ups that can use the anywhere-office trend to expand their possibilities while saving money without sacrificing quality.

According to Forbes, for tech start-ups in Brazil, the future is now. The country is showing signs that the sleeping giant is finally waking up and moving towards its tipping point.

But why is that?
Because Brazil has not only turned into an interesting innovation hub, it has also been producing high quality professionals, with bright minds and many possibilities.

We are talking about a market with more than one active smartphone per person, where tech companies from all over the world are able to thrive, but that also has a poignant tech scene with players that outgrow the country, driven mostly by passion and, of course, creativity, which seems to be the key-word in a land that is carving out its own chapter in the business’ world book, especially when it comes to start-ups.

In addition, there is also the fact that IT plays a major role in leading emerging economies throughout the top and Brazil is not an exception, but is one of the leaders of this motion.

The numbers of the Brazilian tech scene

- More than 2 million IT professionals;
- 20 times more start-ups in 2020 in comparison to 2011, according to the Brazilian Association of Start-ups (Abstartups);
- 27% growth in start-up numbers since 2018;
- Top of the list of Emerging Professions according to LinkedIn;
- Brazil is listed among the top 10 countries in number of unicorns;
- Ranked 40 out of 192 countries in Oxford Insights’ AI Readiness Index 2019, according to the Venture Beat;
- The country has the leads in the South American emerging block in AI-enabled; businesses, according to Deloitte in 2019;
- The largest global population of Java developers;
- More than half of Latin America’s unicorns are in Brazil.

Latin America is taking over the leading in outsourcing IT professionals, while Asia – that used to be the leader is in a downward spiral, as shown by a CB Insights global report, that says: “Latin America becomes one of the fastest-growing regions for fintech funding: LatAm topped both China and India for fintech funding in Q2’19, with 23 deals worth $481M. Q3’19 has already seen a $400M mega-round to Brazil-based digital challenger bank NuBank”.
Real advantages of hiring a Brazilian professional
Besides the entire positive background in the Brazilian IT scenario, the advantages go a long way from the creativity of the professionals and possibilities led by those professionals in the Brazilian companies. Check for some real advantages on hiring those workers anywhere in the world:
- 46k IT graduates per year come from Brazilian universities;
- 1st university in the Top 200 ranking of universities in Latin America– University of São Paulo (USP) is in Brazil. It also has 71 other institutions on the list.
- It is the top investor in IT in Latin America;
- 2nd place in the global ranking for legacy systems and enterprise development in mainframe developers – after the US only;
- 4th position in the global top front-end developer ranking;
- 6th largest IT market of the planet;
- It has one of the lowest turnover rates in the world;
- Up to 80% cut in expenses with hiring and payroll in comparison to European or American employees.

Source: Ubiminds Blog,

Surfing the Brazilian IT wave

All of that information means mostly one thing: that Brazil has certainly been setting a new standard for IT professionals all over the world, who are not only packed with technical and analytical skills, but also and mainly driven by passion, creativity, social skills and leadership intents.

Brazil has created a talent pool of IT workers that can make a real difference to the economy and development of the country if used wisely with proper investments. Just as growing numbers of tech companies, such as fintechs and unicorns, show up in the horizon, Brazil can be considered a sea of opportunities not only for the internal market, but for whoever is willing to invest in it. With that in mind, it is now up to the global market to choose whether they are ready to surf that wave or to watch it grow as it washes away the competition. 

See the interview of Henry Novaes (founder of Hprojekt) in the newspaper "Jornal Bom Dia Brasil" (01/04/2021):
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